I'm Allergic to Color


Achoo.  Sorry, I'm allergic to that pattern.  Sounds weird, but let me explain.  I am not into patterns, graphics or brightly colored clothes.  But not because I don't love the look... mostly because I'm lazy and thrifty...

In a popular athletic wear stores patterns are pushed out constantly ... and you can recognize a pattern that is out of date.  I prefer to stick to solids or classic patterns (like leopard and camouflage) because if I'm going to drop $100 on leggings, I want to wear them until the seams unravel ... not just because they're "so last season".

I live in 5 shades: white, black (OK, so also gray), olive, maroon and eggplant.  Muted.  Boring.  But it's what I like and I know those tones work well with my features.  I like neutrals because they're classics + go with everything and they're always in style. (Plus if I really want to  I can add a splash of color if I'm feeling froggy).  My entire wardrobe can be easily blended- fitness gear and non-fitness alike.  Makes for a presentable outfit with very little time and effort needed, and that's what's important to me.  I'll never be a fashionista, I just need to look like a give a sh*t when I roll up to preschool, you feel me?  Since I am a stay-at-home-mom that runs a business from home, I runt a tight ship throughout the week.  I have become a master in time-management and therefore, I've learned to transition my outfit to fit my every need until I can hit up the shower.  

I reluctantly workout in crop tops and sports bras.  Not because I'm oozing with confidence, but because it's easier for my online babes to see my body alignment on camera with form-fitting clothing.  Which means I need things that can be quickly zipped, buttoned or thrown over my workout outfit so I can be covered up when running around with the kids.

So now you know my (non)fashion secrets.  What are your secrets?  We know I need all the help I can get.