10 Reasons I Love Barre


Hi, my name is Kendra (not Alley.  I know, I know, it's confusing), and I love barre.  

I am a 30 something year old mom of two small boys.  I am a certified barre & yoga instructor, but my real expertise comes from the years (and years) as a competitive gymnast.  As a Division 1 athlete, I discovered a love of health + fitness, but a career ending back injury left me needing a low impact program that would torch fat and build lean muscle.  Enter: barre.  I took one class and was hooked. I love barre.  I love love love it.  For me, working out is a non-negotiable.  I feel lazy and guilty when I don't get a workout in ... and I hate that feeling ... so I always make sure to get my  workout in.  It's that simple: I put in the work, because I know the value.  But with my injuries, "hittin' it hard" isn't so easy anymore.  High impact workouts would leave me crippled for days.  I knew that if I wanted to keep up with my fitness, I was going to have to find a format that worked for me.  Spoiler alert, I did.

10 Reasons I Love Barre   

10 Reasons I Love Barre.

10 Reasons I Love Barre.

1.  It's insanely challenging, but totally achievable. This is coming from a collegiate athlete ... barre is very hard.  But the great thing about it is (there are several levels of modification) all of the levels of modifications.  You make the class your own.

2.  It's the best core workout.  Like, the best.  We fire up abdominal muscles with isometric movements throughout the ENTIRE class.  Yes, please.

3.  It improves posture.  If I've cued it once, I've cued it a million times.  Proper alignment of your head, neck, shoulder, spine, hips is a hundred times more important than lifting your heel one inch higher.  Finding length in your movements is what helps you stand taller at the grocery store, sitting in a restaurant, at your work desk ... you get the idea.

4. It Increases flexibility.  Some people are strong and not flexible, others are flexible and not as strong.  Barre can train your body to be both allowing you to enjoy a longer, injury free life of fitness + health.

5.  It's a total body workout.  If you've ever taken one of my classes, you know this to be oh-so-true.  From your hair to your piggy toes, we're workin' it.  With special focus on those tiny muscles <3.

6.  No experience necessary.  Anyone and everyone can give this format a shot.  As an instructor, I provide modifications + challenges for just about every exercise.  You can slow the tempo down, or follow the beat.  I create the class outline, and you fill it in with what works best for you and your body.

7.  It targets pesky problem areas.  No one wants their arm to jiggle when they're waving.  Everyone wants to eat muffin tops, not have a muffin top.  Barre focuses on total body movements that are particularly beneficial for female problem areas.  Belly, love handles, thighs, booty, arms ... we focus on toning these areas so they become your favorite thing about yourself, not the thing you try to hide.

8.  Rapid results.  You'll feel it during class and after class ... you'll be SORE, (but a good SORE).  Stick to barre a few times a week, and you'll see changes within a month!!  Changes may include an improved posture, increased flexibility, thinner thighs, chiseled arms, a sculpted back, flat abs and a lifted booty.

9.  We work muscles to failure.  Small movements, light weights, lots of reps, intentional postures including squeezing, lifting and fluidity all lead to the beloved, yet embraced "shake".  When your muscles quiver uncontrollably ... that is muscle failure and it's a sign of a successful barre class

10. Never boring, ever.  There are so many ways to move and muscles to work in a barre class.  My  45 minute class whizzes by from fluid format to encourage constant movement and progression.  My 30 minute format barreATHLETE is fast paced and we move through so quickly- you don't even have time to get bored!

Have I convinced you?  You can try a free barre class here!

See you at the e-barre!




Kendra Alley