Fats Won't Make You Fat.

Why does this myth refuse to die??!!

While it's true, you need a healthy balance of protein, fats, and carbohydrates to optimize your diet- some say (like the health professionals from UCLA) fats are actually the MOST efficient of the three when it comes to providing your bod with energy.  For every gram of fat the body takes in, 9-calories of energy are produced, while carbohydrates and proteins only produce about 4-calories per gram consumed.  This means: eating fat makes you fuller sooner and for longer.  If you skip fat- you have to consume more calories (usually in the form of carbs, most often, empty carbs) to produce the same amount of energy.  Eating sugar leads to a sugar crash which will make you hungrier more often and make you  crave more sugar ... a scary dangerous cycle if you ask me.

Every single cell in your body requires fat to function.  Not just fat cells, ALL. CELLS.  And you know what your brain function relies most on?  High quality fats (which are said to be anti-inflammatory, btw). So don't be a low-fat kinda gal ... be a balanced babe, kay?

 Not all Fats are created equal- not even close.  Here are some of my favs:

1.  Avocados (check out my #1 favorite snack)

2.  Nuts/ Seeds (always raw)

3.  Coconut oil (great for baking)

4 Olive oil (I put that sh*t on everything)




Kendra Alley