Kiss my HASS

Do you know how much fat is in an avocado? (*goes to google and checks).  Do you know how important fat is for your body- most importantly for your brain function?  The importance of fueling your body with the right kind of fat is key.  This quick but fancy recipe is my go-to snack when I need something filling.  The ingredients may seem strange, but it's amazing!



1 slice whole grain toast of your choice (I use Dave's Killer Bread)

1 small ripe avocado (soft is key... I use Hass)

2 strawberries (better cut up extra for your kids who will steal yours)

1 tsp. balsamic reduction (I use ALESSI's)



Toss your bread into the toaster and then thinly slice your strawberries.

Before cutting into your avocado, roll it on the counter (like a rolling pin) to help soften the meat. Slice the avocado in half and remove the pit.

Pull the toast out of the toaster and place on a plate (I like to use small appetizer plates because it makes me feel like I am eating more than I really am) and spoon avocado (yes, the entire thing...both sides) onto the slice of toast.  Spread evenly.

Add a dash of pepper + Himalayan salt (that's the pink stuff)

Arrange strawberries in a way that makes you feel fancy + drizzle balsamic reduction to really seal the fancy-pants presentation.

Grab a fork + knife and dig in!  ... haha, who are we kidding ... I eat this with one hand and no plate.