What Equipment Do I Need?


Ever wondered what type of equipment you need to barre at home?  The answer is simple.. use what you have.  Like water bottles as hand weights, or an old kickball as a mini exercise ball.  But if you're ready to upgrade your goods ... here's what I recommend.

Before I get into this, I feel like I need to mention that I am partial to Target and Amazon because I am a Red Card + Prime subscriber.  Most of these items can also be found at your local Sporting Goods Store (but you'll more than likely have to special order it, and prob more expensive).

Yoga Mat

I recommend investing in a good mat.  Those $10 ones break down so quickly, you'll end up having to replace them over and over again.  I alternate between my 5mm lululemon mat and my manduka mat.  I tend to reach for my manduka when I'm barefoot (it's stickier) and go for my lulu when I wearing my barre shoes. 

Light Hand Weights

1/2/3 pound hand weights will be plenty.  You could eventually invest in 5 lbs. as you gain strength (I have still never used 5's in my classes)  I suggest finding a set with a rack so you can adjust based on your strength. Amazon/ Target/ Walmart


Use what you have.  Although, if you're in the market for a new chair, consider the height of the back.  It's ideal to have one that is higher than your waistline 

Weighted Bar/ Swiffer

If you don't want to spend extra money right now, just grab a stick that you have around the house.  When you're ready to upgrade, I recommend a 6 pound weighted body bar.  Amazon/ Target/ Walmart


Use a small old beach ball, your Childs deflated kickball or any of these: Spri Ball, Pilates Ball, my exact ball.  Remember, don't over inflate- you want it a bit squishy


I use... told dish towel from IKEA, ha!  If you want to be official, try these.  Note: you'll need to consider to the type of floor your working out on (i.e. hardwood, tile, carpet) and choose the appropriate type. Amazon/ Target/ Walmart

Barre Shoes

These are great.  There are grips on the bottom of the sock/ shoe that help you stay grounded.  I have so many that I love (which is funny because I rarely take the time to throw them on before teaching a class ... that extra minute is precious time when those little boys are sleeping!). My current favs are Studio Skins by New Balance.  You can pick them up at Athleta.  (For reference: I am a size 8 and bought a Medium).  I also love my Nike Studio Wraps, but these can be hard to find.  I usually have good luck finding a pair at the Outlet Store if you have one close.  

As far as socks go my two favorite brands are Barre Socks (The lace ups are so cute.  I am a brand ambassador for this shop, and their clothes are really great too!) and Toe Sox. (Some people don't love the feeling of the toe separators but I dig it.  Sometimes the socks make me super hot and claustrophobic... but they have half toe, low rise, knee highs, and more!  You can get toe sox via amazon!

Loop Band

Something I will start incorporating more into my classes.  Get a set ... the resistance is different and you'll want options.  I suggest thinner (flimsy) ones compared to the narrow thick style.  Amazon/ Target.  If you have a band like this keep it and just tie it into a small loop to make it work. If you want a barrealley one, just email me and I’ll send a couple to you (free, duh).

Water Bottle

One of my gymnastics teammates from High School started a really cool (pun intended) water bottle company.  They keep your drinks insanely cold because of some fancy technology.  They are better than Yeti's (yes, I said it.  We own 6 yetis and I still wash my bottle.biz out over and over to use instead of the clean yeti's I have sitting in the cabinet.)  You can check em out here, and guess what- there will be custom barreALLEY ones coming soon!!


Hope this helps!  

In Good Health

xx, Kendra