Putting Calia by Carrie to the Ultimate Test

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Can we be honest?  When my minions interrupt a workout (in this case, a choreography session) I kinda want to pull my hair out.  I don't love to multitask, I'd much rather do one thing at a time, put a nice fat check-mark next to it and then move on to the next thing.  But let's be real- that hasn't happened in.... forever?  I multitask as much as possible when the sun is up, so I can relax at night (and when I say relax, I mean binge watch Friends episodes for the 8 millionth time, while scrolling Pinterest outfits that I'll never buy).

I was lucky enough to have the babes at Calia by Carrie (specifically Nicole, (hey girl!)) send me an outfit from Carrie's new fall collection.  (Shout out to my barre babe Bri who recommended me for this brand opportunity- You. Rock).

They sent me an outfit and I was sooooo excited. I've been dying to try her brand, but hadn't had the chance to.  I love to shop (especially for activewear) but with two toddlers, having them sent to me is a welcomed treat!  When exploring a new brand- I prefer to shop in the store first so I can get a feel for their fit, browse around to see how I can mix and match the pieces, see what's on sale, feel the material, check out how high the pants go, and how the shirts fall etc. etc.  After I figure that out, I’ll order online from that point on. But that first time around, I prefer to I take my time, and I think it through because once I find a brand that I like it becomes a staple in my closet.  

But wait, I have a 1 and 3 year-old ... so NONE of this is happening when they're with me... and they're always with me ... like, always.  I've attempted a try-on session at DICK'S twice before and we ended up in the bike section, and Loch (1-year-old minion) swung a golf club at Jax (3-year-old minion) before I carted us out empty handed.  Needless to say, I was more than thrilled to have a Calia babe hand pick items from their new fall line for me without having to bring them shopping.

I have become pretty particular in recent past on how and what type of fitness gear I wear.  I've slowly evolved my style and here is what I "have to have": high-waisted pants with fitted tanks/crops that don't fall too low.  See my preferred color pallet in this blog post.  Carrie, proved me wrong on just about everything about my "preferred style"

I feel like I've become pretty technical when it comes to choosing what type of fitness gear to wear.  I will spend money on it because I know I'll live in it and I want it to last as long as possible. I think it's funny that I set out to test this line of clothing by barre-ing to see how they did with all the curtsies, lunges, grande plies and swiffering (just kidding, we don't clean in my class- I just use cleaning sticks for alignment then prop that bad-boy up against the wall) ... but you know what the real test is?  Seeing how it would make it through a play session with my boys.  


My biggest takeaway is ... I didn't adjust my pants ONE TIME.  I'm not sure that ever happens, even with my high waisted rule.  I always pull at my pants (hiking them over my hips, and tuck the mom skin back in).  Her pants are thick, and man did they past the fidget-test with flying colors.  I'm not even sure these pants are titled "high waisted" but they hit my right under the belly button (just how I like it).  The waist band was thick just how I like it) almost like a belly band reminder to "zip up your pants" (if you know my barre classes, you know the cue).  There wasn't a huge amount of stretch in the actual pant, which made them feel fancier than your typical legging.  These pants are thick, especially the waistband.  I was concerned it would look too thick under the shirt but I was wrong.  I received the Flow Keyhole Tank.  I got a small and it fit perfectly.  It fell beautifully- right at the hips in the front and then was a little longer in the back but laid very nicely around my waistband, hips and booty.  It wasn't bulky or sloppy, it actually made me feel free girly- and I could TOTALLY wear this while working out, and then roll right up to preschool.   Great little bra that made me feel secure, but comfortable enough that I could wear all day.  I love how the ladder back detail was visible through the keyhole of the shirt!  Now that's attention to detail. I felt super feminine even though it's sporty.  It also made me feel like I had intention when throwing this outfit on.  Everything worked well, and I still can't believe I wasn't messing with the pants.

PANTS: CALIA by Carrie Underwood Women's Jacquard Leggings. I received a small, which is pretty true- but I could have done and xs (not typical for me).

SHIRT: CALIA Women's Flow Keyhole Detail Heather Tank Top. (here are some additional colors).  I got a small and it fit perfectly.  It fell beautifully- right at the hips in the front and then was a little longer in the back but layed very nicely, not bulky and sloppy.  I felt super feminine even though it's sporty

BRA: CALIA by Carrie Underwood Women's Inner Power Ladder Back Sports Bra (low impact) .  Great little bra that made me feel secure, but comfortable enough that I could wear all day.  I love how the ladder back detail was visible through the keyhole of the shirt!  Now that's attention to detail.

For reference: I am 5'5" and I sit right around 128lbs.  I am a size 4 at Lululemon but often could do a 6 because of my legs.  In jeans I'm a 27 but they've got to be high waisted.  I'm a 34A (and if there was a 34AA, I would be that).

Calia by Carrie can be found at DICKS or directly on her site .  If her brand isn't on your radar- it should be, you won't be sorry!



Kendra Alley