My First Radio Interview

barreALLEY was recently interviewed by a New England Radio station.

It's a full circle moment for me.  My childhood neighbor is a busy entrepreneur herself.  She runs a Stand Up Paddle Board company with her husband, and they are always on the go.  She found out about the online classes and decided to give them a try.  They worked for her busy lifestyle and shared my business with her friend.  Her friend started taking my classes and also feel in love with the format and virtual ease.  She reached out to me asking if it was okay that she recommend me to her friend who works for WBZ Radio Boston and they wanted to cover barreALLEY in their "Women's Watch" section.  I giggled a little that she even asked permission ... UM, YES what a huge amazing honor!!  I was super nervous (and I am not usually) so I was a little worried to hear it live on air ... but she did a great job editing (haha).  


Take a listen! (and yes, that's me doing the happy dance at the end)