How the Alley's Eat! Part 1


A question I get all the time is what do you eat? People also always ask - what do your boys eat? The short answer is we do our best to eat mostly clean healthy foods. That answer might seem simple, but finding healthy, clean food can actually be harder than you expect. Just because something is sold at Whole Foods or labeled “non-GMO” or “organic” does not automatically make it healthy. But there isn’t enough time in the day to read the back of every label for every grocery item in the store. Instead, I find brands that keep their ingredients clean and healthy. So here is my Master List of my favorite brands for the staples in our household. None of these brands sponsor me or this post - these are all 100% brands I love and buy when grocery shopping, though I wouldn’t turn down KRAVE if they wanted to send me some free jerky :)


Pantry Favorites:

lunch meats: Applegate Farms @applegate

bread: Dave’s Killer Bread @daveskillerbread

salad dressing & marinades: Primal Kitchen @primalkitchenfoods

greens: Organic Girl @organicgirl

iced coffee: Chameleon Coffee @chameleoncoldbrew

kombucha: GTS Komucha @gtskombucha, Health-Ade @healthade

almond milk: Califia Farms @califiafarms

pea milk: Ripple Foods @ripplefoods

oats/grains: Bob’s Red Mill @bobsredmill

pancake mix: Birch Benders @birchbenders

chocolate chips: Enjoy Life @enjoylifefoods

jerky: KRAVE @kravejerky

pasta sauce: Rao’s @raoshomemade

pasta: Pastabiities

protein powder: Shakeology @shakeology

on the go nut butters: Justin’s @justins & RX @rxbar

cereal: Nature Path Organic @naturespathorganic & Kashi @kashi

muffins: Kodiak Cakes @kodiakcakes

dairy products (for the boys): Horizons Organic @horizonsorganic, Babybel cheese @babybelus

bars: RX @rxbar & perfect bars (the kids versions) @perfectbar and @perfectkids.snacks

snacks for the boys: Pirates Booty @piratesbooty & Annie’s Home Grown fruit snacks @annieshomegrown

savory snacks: Sahale Snacks @sahalesnacks

formula: Earth’s Best (sensitive version, even though he wasn’t sensitive, I liked this version) @earthsbest

I’ll keep you updated as I find new brands that the boys and I love. Until then - happy eating!



Kendra Alley