I’ve always admired the fitness influencers that lululemon selects as their partners. I love the variety of people , stye and fitness formats they choose to represent the brand.

A barreBABE of ours (who is a lululemon employee) nominated me for a new program lululemon launched this year called lululemon collective. I couldn’t believe she thought of me for this program. And guess what? I GOT SELECTED!! I’ve made it, people!

As awesome as their apparel and accessories are, they are a badass company who focuses on having work/life balance for their employees. (Did anyone shop there over the holidays and wondered why their store closed earlier than all of the others? They want their employees to go home to their families at a decent hour … HOW AWESOME). So much of what they stand for aligns with what WE stand for. The barreALLEY community is a bunch-a babes who want to show up in the world feeling their best. We’re just trying to get a sweat in, be our best self, and support the ones we love. SAME. WITH. LULULEMON. Here’s a fous of theirs:

Whatever we do, we always make sure that the answer is a yes to these three questions:

1. Are we sweating together, challenging ourselves and having fun?

2. Are we building healthy and meaningful relationships?

3. Are we developing leaders and helping people unlock their best selves in order to live their best lives?

I’ll be sharing my favorite lululemon pieces @barrealley and I’ll house all of the links on this blog page. You can refer back to them at any time. It’s important for you to know that I am part of the lululemon collective and will recieve a commission if you make a purchase through my links. I appreciate you shopping with my links, becasue it lets lululemon know that the barreALLEY community is alive & well :)

What is it: a sweater (that’s on sale) that is thick and cozy, but stretch like jeggings.

Why I like it: I appreciate the quality of a lululemon piece. I love their non-fitness clothes (they call it, I call it, errands outfit) because it gives me a chance to get out of my fitness gear, but it’s lululemon, so I’m still in my safe place . This baby is soft and not stiff or itchy. By the feel of it, I know it’s going to wash well (but let’s my honest, unless #3 pukes on me, I probably won’t wash it very often).

Click on the image to purchase this sweater

What is it: align super hi-rise

Let’s talk about lululemon pants and why they are amazing, k? First of all, they will tailor anything. If the pants are too long, they’ll hem them to your perfect length. This is great because I love them super long so I can wear them over my heels (like a true barre-babe), but I my favorite length is probably 7/8. They will help you with the measurements and send ‘em off … another note on this, if anything tears or splits- they’ll fix it because they offer a lifetime guarantee on their goods!

Back to the pants: my favorites are wunder unders and align (super hi-rise). To me, the higher the waist, the better. If the waistband touched my sports bra, it’s a homerun. I look thinner and I feel thinner and it makes my bubble butt feel secure. I also appreciate the seamless waistbands on both of these styles. My muffin top cannot afford to be spewing out, so a smooth waistband is very important in my life. Check out the video and see for yourself, these pants don’t move! PS, if you love my shirt, it’s also lulu and it’s call the swifty tech (it’s really for runners, but sometimes I just want to cover my shoulders). By the way, if you aren’t part of the barreALLEY community, try it for free for 7 days here:

What is it: wunder unders

Hear me out. I live in athleisure wear, so I’m starting to have “workout yoga pants” and “errand-running yoga pants”. Cue the eye rolls, but this is my life. I have kids, I do barre and I go to target. I LOVE the cotton wunder unders for running errands and here’s why.

Want to know something gross? As a gymnast I used to lick my hand and wipe that spit onto the bottom of my foot before my beam routines. I needed a firm-tacky-grip on the balls of my feet. Some things never change. As a yogi/barre babe I don’t love getting pedicures because they make the bottom of my feet super smooth, and then I slip during my workouts. no bueno. I have two favorite mats: manduka and this luluemon one. My gift (to myself) for 2019 was a new 5mm (that’s the thickness of the mat … important to note if you are on your knees or you just had a baby and are sitting on the mat (hemroids are real … and if that bothers you, double up on your mats for extra cushion)). Okay … TMI… sorry. Mats. Let’s get back to the mats. My new mat is reversible! two mats for the price of one!! And it has that tacky feeling to make you feel stable and secure (without being too sticky.). I recommend this mat a hundred times over, they have tons of colors and thicknesses (but 5mm is where it’s at).

Kendra Alley