Mushroom Latte?!

Are you into the latest superfood trend?! Mushroom coffee (not the hallucinogenic kind- sorry).

A recent study from Malaysia's University of Malaya discovered certain anti-inflammatory compounds in edible mushrooms have the potential to prevent neurodegenerative diseases such as dementia.

Their research determined mushrooms to be a "functional food" alongside green tea, ginkgo and turmeric, not only able to surpass basic nutrition but exhibit antioxidant, antiviral, anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, immunomodulating, anti-microbia and anti-diabetic activities.

The brand leading this charge is FOUR SIGMATIC.   The founder recommends starting with the mushroom hot cacao so you can ease yourself into being a fungi (that's a mushroom joke),


If you want to give it a try ... you can (of course) buy on Amazon but I know Whole Foods carries it too!