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What is barre?

Barre is a low impact combination of dynamic exercises inspired by ballet, pilates, cardio + core stability.  

It is an approachable style for all fitness  levels and can be used as a main program or a complement to an existing one.  Modifications can be easily implemented to customize each workout.  

Why virtual?

Barre is awesome. But getting to a studio can be time consuming + expensive.  The busier we get, the harder it gets to find time for ourselves.  Working out is non-negotiable.  It's gotta get done, so let's be efficient and knock it out as quickly as possible.  

The time + money saved with an at-home workout program is irreplaceable.

There are a million things you'd rather be doing than being stuck in traffic trying to get to your workout, right?  Carve out some time in your day, every day, to jump into class ... in the comfort of your own home.