Carly: A hard working mama, and fellow barre babe.  She is a former Big 4 employee turned stay at home mom when her second son was born.  (Her boys are almost 3 and 6 months.

Why barre? I danced (mostly ballet) for 18ish years of my life so when barre started getting popular, I knew it was something I would love with some of the ballet techniques incorporated. I've never been a fan of running or gyms so I tend to stick to fitness classes or yoga to get my workout in.

Why barreALLEY? Paying for a gym is not something that I want to do when I would only use the group fitness classes. I've attended my fair share of other barre classes in my area, but they are so expensive - and hard to find the time to get away with the two boys. So, to have affordable barre classes that I can do from home at a time that works for me - barreALLEY is a no brainer!

Advice to babes trying to juggle it all? Find a schedule that works for you & stick to it as much as possible. I'm not a morning person, but I've found that if I get my workout in early in the morning before the kids wake up, I'm more likely to actually get it done and I'm more energized & productive throughout the rest of the day. 

Got any encouragement for us? We all have "off" days where we eat like crap, miss a workout, the kids don't nap, work was too crazy, etc etc. Don't let that one day set you back for the rest of the week (I'm guilty of this!). Get some rest & hop back into it with a fresh start the next day. 

This clip is a peak into her juggling act.  She's killin' it.  We love you Carly, keep it up!