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  • Barre Alley is a virtual studio thaT creates professional-quality barre accessible to everyone.

  • Whether you've got 10 minutes or a full hour- we gotcha babe.

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  • Cheaper than one month membership at most barre studios.

  • No commute. No huge expense. No stress. No juggling life.

  • A healthier, happier, sexier you.

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CLASSIC BARREALLEY: Kendra's signature barre class is jam packed with dynamic  movements of opposition and balance to promote proper body mechanics and posture.  With flavors of ballet, yoga and pilates this class is low impact but will leave you feeling long, lean and toned (and probably super sore).

BARREATHLETE: Kendra's signature 30 minute interval training class that will burn loads of calories during class AND even more after class.  With bursts of hard-work followed by a short rest your body will burn fat, build lean muscle, increase metabolism and build a healthy heart

power alley: the newest addition to the schedule, these 20 minute series focus on a specific muscle group at a time, and we change the focus each week.  The goal is to reach muscle failure ... and embrace. the. shake.

HIPS&HAMMIES:  In partnership with Kirsten Carter, RYT 200, we bring you powerful yoga flows that will leave you strong, sweaty and lengthened.  Don't be fooled, these recovery classes are not easy, but these juicy movements will open you up and have you feeling 3 inches taller.

TARGET MUSCLES:  Specifically designed to strengthen the abdominals and booty,  #goals.  These classes are short yet effective and can be easily added into your weekly fitness schedule when time is tight or you need a little extra focus in these common problem areas (they won't be a problem soon enough!)

BEGINNER BARRE: Classes break down the basics of proper posture and alignment in order to build, strength, coordination and stability throughout the entire body.  You'll gain muscle + cardiovascular endurance with the goal of making it through an entire class and advancing to "on repeat" when you feel ready. 

Get exactly what you need to stay healthy every day.